30 dwellings, Zuidbroek - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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30 dwellings, Zuidbroek

The new neighbourhood of Zuidbroek in Apeldoorn continues to grow; we have installed the foundations for 30 new terraced houses. A combined project involving concrete screw piles underneath pre-cast foundation beams. A quick, low-vibration and low noise combination.

And Vroom will also be performing the dimensioning for the project. The first decision was where the dwellings were to be positioned within the neighbourhood. Then the positions of the piles were marked out and mortar screw piles were installed. Once they had cured, the positions of the piles for which they were made were measured and, at the same time, the foundation beams were dimensioned. The installation of the foundation beams was done by our team of two labourers, using a telescopic crane. After installation, the elements were adjusted to precision and fixed to the piles with a bar connection.

Park Zuidbroek

Park Zuidbroek is het groene hart van de wijk Zuidbroek in Apeldoorn Noord. Het plan ligt in deelgebied Het Mozaïek, op de grens met de wijk Zevenhuizen.

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