51 dwellings, Larense Veld phase 2 - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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51 dwellings, Larense Veld phase 2

Almere-Haven is getting a new residential area which will ultimately comprise around 450 dwellings. In 2019, 51 dwellings were completed in phase 1 and we are now laying the foundations for another 51 dwellings. 41 spacious corner and terraced houses, and 10 semi-detached houses are scheduled for completion in 2020, once more built by BAM Wonen.

The foundations use pre-cast concrete driven piles, which are sunk into the ground with a 5,000 kg weight. On top of the piles we will be placing a framework of pre-cast concrete foundation beams, which will provide support to the walls. For this project BAM is using a type of construction in which the walls and floors are made with concrete mixed on site.

Innovative heating system

Each dwelling will be fitted as standard with an innovative heating system. An air/water heat pump system combined with solar panels delivers heat and power. The energy performance coefficient (EPC) of the dwellings is zero. So this will allow buyers to borrow more in terms of their mortgage, as well as getting a discounted interest rate from many banks.

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