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Westerse Polder wind farm

We have installed 200 vibrated piles with our largest pile-driving rig, the CX1100 GLS. The foundations we have laid will support five large, modern wind turbines that will supply 20,000 households with 'green’ energy. The wonderful landscape and the almost endless panorama make for great photos.

The adjacent Westerse Polder wind fam is now 20 years old, and ready for replacement. The five envisaged wind turbines will be installed around the edge of the Hoeksche Waard. This configuration is best in terms of the landscape and results in the greatest distance from residential areas. Studies into flora & fauna, nature protection, noise emission, the effect of the shadow cast by the turbine sails, safety and connection to the electricity grid all give a positive result and show that the new wind farm can be properly integrated into the landscape and comply with all relevant legislation.

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