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73 dwellings, Park Harga

Park Harga has acquired a reputation as a highly desirable neighbourhood to live in. So work is continuing on plans for the follow-up phases. In the second phase, Vroom will be laying the foundations for 73 dwellings, in the form of vibrated piles, on behalf of contractor Thunnissen Bouw BV.

The range of dwellings is very diverse, with variation in appearance, orientation and size. A new type of dwelling is the ‘compact’ detached house that is suitable for a one or two-person household, such as a family in which the children have left home, or young first-time buyers. The apartments are divided over two residential buildings that are situated at the side of the Poldervaart, and will be fitted with spacious balconies. Sales are expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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