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Kwadijkerpark sheltered accommodation

Over the last few years there has been some considerable expansion on the Kwadijkerpark site; the care facility is expanding into a lot of new buildings There are currently three new buildings on the go, located on the Flevostraat and the Noordpunt. So they sent for us to drive 640 piles into the ground.

The first pile of the new buildings in Kwadijkerpark was driven into the ground by one of the residents, Sandra Scheper. Her name was drawn out of the hat by councillor Harry Rotgans. Sandra was very excited that she was going to be given the chance to climb into the cab of the pile-driving rig. Once in the cab, all she had to do was press a button to drive the first pile. The other people Prinsenstichting looks after that had registered for this were able to press the red button so that they, too, could play their part in the pile-driving process. That was further marked by a klaxon and a confetti cannon. The people who are going to be moving to the new building hung pennants from the site hoardings.


The construction of 136 sheltered-accommodation units for the future residents is shared over three buildings. The sites in the Kwadijkerpark in Purmerend are being built in the 'cottage’ style, in common with the other modern sites in the Kwadijkerpark. The sites are being built so that they are not dependent on natural gas (not connected to the grid), and will be equipped with solar panels, so that they can operate in a way that is energy-neutral. Experiences at previous building sites have been used as a model from which to learn. The door openings, for instance, are wider and bed lifts will be installed.

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