Prologis Park distribution centre - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Prologis Park distribution centre

More and more distribution centres are being built. Designs are becoming ever more energy neutral, and the centres themselves are more health places to work. With 28 loading points for goods vehicles, this distribution centre is one of the bigger ones, requiring 9,969 small-diameter vibrated piles (vibro-SD).

Prologis Park in Nieuwegein is situated in an excellent site in the vicinity of Utrecht, one of the quickest-growing areas in the Netherlands, in the economic hot spot of the Randstad. A plot of land measuring 5.6 hectares is available at Prologis Park Nieuwegein for the development of a 'build-to-suit’ logistic facility with an area of around 33,700 m². Flexibility is an important feature of the distribution centre. The size and site of the office space can be determined in consultation with the customer. The facility can be divided into units of around 16,800 m².

Ideal situation

Situated at the heart of the country, with excellent access to the infrastructure network, the Utrecht region has become one of the most significant logistics areas for nationwide distribution centres. Utrecht lies on a central transportation nexus, a point at which two of the most important motorways in the Netherlands, the A12 and A2 that connect Amsterdam, Arnhem, The Hague and Maastricht, intersect and connect the country to Belgium and Germany.  The region has a terminal for inland shipping, on the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) and Rotterdam The Hague Airport are also relatively close at hand.

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