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Wijdelande, 76 dwellings

On the fringes of Uithoorn in the Legmeer-West new-build estate work is progressing on 76 spacious dwellings that are not connected to the gas-distribution network. We are laying the foundations for the dwellings on behalf of BAM Wonen, in this case pre-cast driven piles and pre-cast foundation beams.

The speed with which BAM is capable of building the dwellings is high, so all the foundation beams need to be in position within four weeks. BAM is using its own tunnel formwork in the project; in this way, the walls of the building site can be fastened to the foundation beams.

Wijdelande architecture

Variation is the key word. And, of course, sustainability. And the dwellings are equipped with smart technology. The architecture is inspired by the designs of the 1930s with low, slanting roofs, overhanging eaves and variation in the colour of the external walls. In this respect, there is a lot of use of well-adorned roof projections, verandahs and masonry joints in the external walls. The style has a romantic signature. The houses in the Wijdelande development will not be connected to the gas network.

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