New, small-scale sheltered accommodation - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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New, small-scale sheltered accommodation

For the foundations of a sheltered-accommodation facility on the Callistolaan in Heerhugowaard we made BV 54 DPA screw piles on behalf of Kimsma Bouwbedrijf. The advantage of this pile system is that it is a low-vibration, low-noise pile system, which means less disruption for the surrounding area.

Dagelijks Leven, a rural organisation that is dedicated to housing for people with memory loss, is the driver behind this sheltered-accommodation facility. The building offers space for 20 people with dementia, and will not rise higher than existing buildings in the area. It has the allure of a large country house. Parking for staff and visitors is not a problem: there will be eight parking spaces initially, with the option of extending this to twelve spaces.

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