Het Dok apartment building - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Het Dok apartment building

We laid the foundations for over 400 residential units on the NDSM site in Amsterdam's docklands, with two piling rigs, cranes, concrete mixers, loaders and a team of colleagues. The piles we made are vibrated combi piles. In this pile system, a pre-cast concrete section (octicon), the pile core, is hung in the tube and inserted to the required depth. During this process we used a noise-reducing jacket to minimise noise pollution.

Once the building pit has been excavated, the pre-cast concrete sections are no longer visible, as they have been driven to the required depth. The advantage of this is that it is no longer necessary to trim the sections.

Apartment building

Under the apartment building there will be a residents’ underground car park with space for a hundred vehicles, and there is a mezzanine floor offering covered cycle storage for 1,350 bikes. The latter facility can be accessed by three bicycle escalators. The 150m-long ground floor space is kept free to accommodate a mix of public functions, aimed at contributing to the buzz around the building.

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