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31 dwellings, De Zouterij

OP ENKA is a special site on the eastern fringes of Ede that has been transformed over the past few years from a former industrial site into a unique location to live, work and play. Vroom is laying the foundations for 31 dwellings on behalf of BAM.

Since the start of the first project in the development of the OP ENKA area nearly 700 dwellings have been completed or are under construction. BAM Wonen is building some of these, using our concrete mortar screw piles and pre-cast foundation beams. The project was 'officially’ made up of 38 dwellings, but because permission was not given for the felling of 2 old trees, 7 of the dwellings could not be built. Perhaps these dwellings will reappear at another stage of the project. In a few weeks we will begin work on 66 dwellings on the 'De Sterkerij’ project, also in Ede.

Historic architecture

The project is made up of terraced houses, surrounding an atmospheric courtyard, and of grand semi-detached houses on the Enkalaan. The design, by Humblé Martens & Willems architects, reflects history in terms of public space and architectural form. This can be seen not least in the rich detailing of the buildings and the use of atmospheric, high-quality materials in the configuration of the public space.

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