Koningskwartier development, 38 dwellings - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Koningskwartier development, 38 dwellings

In Zevenhuisen we are installing the foundations on behalf of BAM Wonen. The 38 dwellings that are being built in phase 4 of the development are spread over 24 terraced houses, eight semi-detached houses and six detached houses. Over the next fifteen to twenty years around 1200 dwellings will be built in this area.

First of all we installed the pre-cast concrete piles that had been made in the factory. We fitted bars to the piles that connect to the pre-cast foundations. The foundations, too, were pre-cast in the factory to accommodate ducts for rainwater drains, building services and such like. This was all put together by us on-site using a telescopic crane and two builder's labourers. Once all elements were in place they were cast in place, forming an assembly with the piles.

BAM Wooncollectie

All dwelling types are from the BAM Wooncollectie. The dwellings are in 'traditional’ Dutch style, with a wide variety of shades and masonry. The dwellings have considerable floor space, ranging from 160 m2 to 193 m2.

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