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Schiphol-Rijk data centre

A fourth existing distribution warehouse with an area of around 10,000 square metres at Schiphol-Rijk is being converted into a data centre in stages. Only the outer shell will remain intact. The building will contain all the facilities required for a fully-operational data centre, including offices, storage space and security.

Each and every aspect of this extensive concrete construction project is supervised by Ron Jonker. “Within the scope of the project we've done a lot of ad hoc additional work. Sometimes you learn just a few days in advance that a concrete floor has to be poured. On the one hand that demands a flexible approach, but also nerves of steel". Ron doesn't let these things get to him: the foreman of the Irish contractor Winthrop stuck a sticker on his helmet saying 'King Ron'.


The load-bearing capacity of the foundations had to be increased so that it could accommodate the steel structure to be built on the site. The steel structure had to be able, among other things, to carry the heavy generators and air-conditioning units on the roof. The foundations were strengthened with hundreds of screwed steel-tube piles made by P. van 't Wout Funderingstechniek. Vroom was responsible for the foundations as a whole, the earthworks and the concreting. This includes concrete cast in-situ, foundation blocks, floors, beams, and pre-cast manholes and lift shaft pits. The concrete foundation blocks were made by Vroom Betonbouw. De Boer en van der Weijde dug trenches for the PVC tubing that carries dozens of kilometres of data cables on behalf of Vroom. All of this needs to be made to measure, and demands a high degree of craftsmanship.

Safety meetings

Ron continues: “Each morning at 7:00 am all parties met to discuss the work to be done that day. Everything needs to be coordinated, and progress needs to be assessed.

Planning schedule

This fourth project for Vroom started in February 2018 and the data centre was to be operational in two months. We have been involved in Schiphol-Rijk projects since 2015. The site as a whole has a surface area of 25,000 m² and three buildings have already been fully converted. This is the fourth data centre that Vroom has done the concreting for. We have been working on behalf of Winthrop at Schiphol-Rijk since 2015.

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