Autobedrijf Pluym expansion - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Autobedrijf Pluym expansion

We're back in Nijmegen! In 2013 we laid the foundations for the new workshop and showroom at Autobedrijf Frank Pluym. Now we're back to oversee an expansion to the business, covering maintenance and restoration of vintage cars.

First of all came the piling work; as the extension will be adjoining the existing premises the choice was for concrete screw piles. Then the pre-cast foundations were assembled. This included provisions for the steel framework and the ground floor surface. The foundation base was mounted on the anchors protruding from the foundation beams, a process that had to be accurate down to the last millimetre. This combined the skills of our builder's labourers and dimensioning service.

Traditional concreting

Once the building has been wind- and waterproofed we will start work on the floor surface using traditional concreting. This involves cleaning of the pile heads, pouring the blinding concrete, installing the reinforcement nets and then pouring the final concrete surface. The floor is then given a few hours to cure before levelling to a smooth finish. After around 24 hours the floor will have reached the strength required that it can be walked on and, after 28 days, the floor will have attained the strength required for it to be used as a workshop.

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