Heren van Wormer - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Heren van Wormer

This is a combined project! We will first be making 80 DPA piles, on top of which Vroom Betonbouw will mount the pre-fabricated foundation beams. And that's not all: we will be making the hard-stand areas just round the corner from the dwellings.

The prospect of sustainable living in the wetlands of Wormer, on the fringes of the largest peatland pasture in Noord-Holland, the Wormer- en Jisperveld, is coming to fruition on the site of the former library in Wormer in the shape of the Heren van Wormer project. The unique location of the Heren van Wormer development, on the dividing line between nature and open space, on the one hand, and the amenities of the village of Wormer on the other, is what makes this special.

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