Tank pit, Plastic to Oil Facility - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Tank pit, Plastic to Oil Facility

Close to the NUON facility we are currently installing vibrated piles for a tank pit. We have to make sure there are proper foundations by driving no fewer than 800 piles into the ground. On the photos you can see our new JCB shovel loader.

Bin 2 Barrel (B2B) develops ‘Plastic to Fuel’ projects. This process uses proven yet innovative technologies. The first such B2B project is being carried out in the Port of Amsterdam.

Chemical recycling

The input stream that B3B uses is made up of synthetic materials that are too contaminated to be re-used. These plastics can be converted into fuel for the transport sector in the new tank. The first B2B project aims to generate around 30 million litres of fuel per year from around 35,000 tonnes of plastic. The ultimate aim is to use chemical recycling, so that new synthetic materials can also be used. This aim is in line with the targets of the Dutch government as set out in the National Waste Management Plan.

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