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Nieuw Delft, 130 apartments

Nieuw Delft continues to expand, with a development including 130 apartments for rent combined with small ground-floor units for purposes such as catering and hospitality, services and workspaces for start-up companies at the Veld 5 site. 364 DPA piles form solid foundations for the high-rise building, installed by 2 of our teams.

Source: Eddie Trapman

The building plans for Veld 5 are part of the ambition of making Delft a magnet for knowledge-based companies and knowledge workers. Research has shown that this group wants to live close to the city centre, in an affordable rented home, in a building that makes it possible to get to know people and facilitates partnership, where people share resources with each other as and when necessary.  This plan is a response to that demand, which Delft is not yet fully able to supply.

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