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17 + 21 apartments in the ‘Zuyderzee’ development

In Bunschoten, we are installing 182 DPA piles. What is notable is that the longest of these measures 36 metres. The development is being built by the harbour, and when a resident decided to fly a drone to take a look, the results were some stunning images. The aura of the apartments that make up the project get their inspiration from the historic centre of Spakenburg.

No uniformity or monotone rows of gable-ended buildings; in contrast, variety is the watchword. The height of the gable-end and the size of the windows is different in each case, as it the colour of the masonry and the materials used. As the apartments are situated on the Nieuwe Zuiderzeehaven, affording views over the Eemmeer, you will enjoy this enchanting environment every day.

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