Distribution center for HelloFresh - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Distribution center for HelloFresh

In Bleijswijk, we have inserted the first pile for the construction of the new distribution center for Hello Fresh. Main contractor is Pleijsier Bouw. Our constructor Pieter Timmer knows the project until the smallest details.

Under the authority of Schipper Vloeren, Pieter has calculated the geotechnical bearing capacity for the VSD piles.

Tight pile plan

The HelloFresh distribution center will include a freezing cell, stockroom, expedition area, office and loading pit. It is a challenge to fit all this into a tight pile plan.  Pieter: “Schipper Vloeren has asked us to design the VSD piles for 20,000 m2 of floor surface. We knew how much the load was and we preferred VSD piles. After the calculation process, we can start with the engineering process. We will draw the pile plan ourselves. Of course, we have taken into account the pile plan that has been designed by the main constructor.” Service “The client tells u show much the load is and we decide what the pile diameter will be and how deep we will go. When a client makes a request that makes us think that another pile system might be a better option, we make a quote that includes the alternative pile system. This engineering element is part of the service we deliver.” Responsibility “Aim is to insert the piles deep enough, filling the field. It is also our responsibility that this goal can be reached. When in doubt, we let this know in an early stage and while we are still in the engineering stage, we recommend for example shorter or more piles or an alternative pile system,” says Pieter Timmer.

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