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Noise barriers on Westfrisiaweg

We are working hard alongside the N23. Vroom is applying CFA piles with mortar for the construction of noise barriers and portals. The ramps and exits will be shut down and in order to limit any inconvenience for drivers, we will carry out the greater part of the activities by night.

Westfrisiaweg is an essential part of the alternate Oost-West connection from Alkmaar to Zwolle: the N23. We will drill CFA piles with mortar for the construction of portals and noise barriers on 5 different locations. Portals are steel construction elements hanging over the road with the road signs attached to them. For one portal, we will drill piles on two sides of the road and found the construction elements on them.

From west to east

The route consists of two parts: a part on the west side and a part on the east side of the A7. The road is interrupted by a 5 km highway. Both route parts have their own personality. The western part includes a lot of pieces of artwork such as rotundas and cross connections for pedestrians and cyclists. However, the eastern part looks more spacious and more fluent. This part of the road has been equipped with two lanes and differing crossroads.

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