Distribution center - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Distribution center

On Casablancaweg in Amsterdam, a new distribution center is being built. First, Vroom Foundation Technology produced the vibro piles for the constructive basics. Subsequently, during two shifts, the drilled-in-situ vibro SD piles for large and strong floor areas were produced.

Project information

Vibro piles
Foundation piles, flexible piles and piles for foundation blocks and sprinkler tanks.
Number of piles 343
Diameter 356 - 410 mm
Pile length 24,2 - 27,2 m

Vibro SD floor piles
The cast-in-situ and displacing vibro SD piles (Small Diameters & Silent Driven) are particularly used for the construction of roads and company halls with large and strong floor areas.
Number of piles 5550
Diameter 180 mm
Pile length 16,5 - 25 m