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R4 Oost crossroad

For a new crossroad for the R4 Oost connection to Langerbruggestraat in Oostakker, partly in the municipality of Gent, we have started the piling activities. The current crossroad will be replaced by a rotunda. The activities are being carried out next to the current train track.

For the foundation, we will apply over 570 tubular drilled piles. The piles will measure a diameter until 600 m with lengths until 25 m. A new bridge, two rotundas and a new biker’s lane will make the R4 safer and smoother. The construction of this new junction will result into the removal of two dangerous crossroads on Kennedylaan (R4 Oost).The crossroad connected to Langerbruggestraat and the one connected to Wittewalle/Imsakkerlaan will be replaced by a bridge over the R4. For cyclists, a safe and separate lane between Oostakker and the ferry boat and the companies across the R4 will be built. In addition, sound walls will be placed to guarantee the liveability of the adjacent residential areas. The projects will take approximately two years.

The complete construction project includes:
Building a bridge over the R4 and over the train track (train 204). The application of ramps and exits to Gent and Zelzate. Providing 2 rotundas with the necessary connections. Building a tunnel for cyclists under the Gent exit. The application of an access road for the Gent harbour between Imsakkerlaan and the new building.

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