Noise barriers on A7 freeway near Scharwoude - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Noise barriers on A7 freeway near Scharwoude

Hard work is beingdone for the upgrade of the N23 freeway. The 42 km route travels from Heerhugowaard to Enkhuizen and connects on two junctions to the A7 freeway near Hoorn. For noise barriers near Scharwoude, we have drilled CFA piles with mortar.

The Westfrisiaweg is an essential part of the alternate Oost-West connection from Amsterdam to Zwolle: the N23 freeway. The route’s upgrade improves the traffic circulation, liveability and traffic safety in the area.

From West to East

The route consists of two parts: a part to the west and a part to the east of the A7 freeway. The road will be interrupted by the interstate measuring 5,5 km. Both parts of the route have their own personality. The part to the west, for example, consists of many pieces of artwork such as rotundas and cross connections for pedestrians and cyclists. The part to the east, however, offers more space for better traffic circulation. The road here has been equipped with two lanes and differing crossroads.

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