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Stabilization farmhouse

The farmhouse belonging to the Dirkmaat family has been subject to sagging already for years causing small tears in the façades. The family decided to make a plan together with us in order to end the sagging process.

Drawing up an inventory and a schedule

Vroom has mapped how the current home has been founded. In this event, the home has been founded on so-called arcs. These arcs are being supported by timber piles that might have been subject to decay causing the foundation to sag. Supporting the current arcs is the solution. The family could have opted for a renovation of the home with the disadvantage being higher expenses that would not outweigh the advantages.


First, test slots have been created around the home. The slots have been used to search for cables and pipes, to map the existing foundation and to adjust the plan whenever necessary. While digging the slots, there was a lot of free soil that has been temporary stored in the garden. Following the creation of the complete construction, it was placed back into the slots.

Foundation piles

Against the existing façade, 15 steel tubular piles have been driven. These piles are being driven in the tube and on the point resulting into minimum vibrations. During the piling process, the vibrations have been monitored to make sure that they wouldn’t exceed the maximum values. During the piling process, the tubes are hollow and equipped with a reinforcement basket and poured with concrete after the piling process.


Over the new foundation piles, a concrete working floor has been poured serving as a stable underground in order to realize the new foundation. On the working floor, the new formwork has been placed followed by the application of the reinforcement baskets. On the location of the arcs, the foundation beam is also being realized underneath the façade. After completing the underground, we have completely poured it with concrete.


The foundation beam has been placed on a frost-free depth with an out-of-sight position as an additional advantage. As the upper side of the foundation not reaches the top of the arcs, this space is filled up with masonry. The last small space will be filled up with mortar. This is what we call ‘underpinning the construction’.

Ready for the future

After removing the formwork and adding soil, the farmhouse will be ready for the future so that the Dirkmaat family can stay on this spot.

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