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Citadel Bridge alongside the Waal river

Following the construction of the Verlengde Waal River Bridge and the Promenade Bridge, the Citadel Bridge near Nijmegen is now built. The bridge connects the northern Nijmegen area to the newly-formed Island of Lent.

Like a winding road, the bridge spans the additional channel, ‘naturally’ overflowing into the foreland giving the bridge’s entrance an adventurous look. The bridge’s width is around five meters and meant for cyclists and pedestrians. If necessary, the bridge might incidentally, in the case of events on the island, be used for provisioning and emergency vehicles.

The Waal River near Nijmegen makes a sharp bend and narrows here like a bottleneck. When the tide is high, the river is unable to handle the water. In order to protect the residents against floods, the dike near Lent-Nijmegen is moved and an additional channel is dug. As a result, in the heart of Nijmegen an island is formed creating space for housing, recreational and cultural activities, water and nature.

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