Foundation repair - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Foundation repair

Initially, in Koog aan de Zaan all segment piles would be driven into the tube. As a result of too much vibration during this process, the additional piles have been produced vibration-free in drilled segment piles with grout injection. The project has been executed for our colleague P. van ‘t Wout Funderingstechnieken.


Project 68064
Project Vervangende nieuwbouw
Location Jan de Witstraat 79, Koog aan de Zaan
Cliënt P. van ’t Wout Funderingstechnieken
Contractor De Nijs

Pile position

Number of piles 6
Length 19,25 m
Diameter 168 mm
Segment length 4 m

Vroom team

Machinist Ruud van de Giessen and Erwin Spruijt.