Conversion Oosterkerk - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Conversion Oosterkerk

In order to convert the former Oosterkerk and the adjacent school Het Damgebouw in Dokkum into apartments, Vroom Foundation Technology produced steel tubular piles inside the church and CFA piles outside of it.

The Damgebouw’s monumental façades have been preserved for the greater part. The constructions behind the façades have been demolished in order to make room for new housing projects. The Dokkum-based former Oosterkerk will be transformed into apartments under the authority of the J.P. van den Bent Stichting.

A total of 23 apartments will be realized of which 12 in the Oosterkerk and 11 in the adjacent former school. The J.P. van den Bent Stichting houses people with a mild until severe (mental) handicap.

On May 12, the piling process of the steel tubular piles in the nave of the church has begun. In this part, segment lengths of 6 m could be driven. The steel tubular piles have been equipped with a welled-in base plate as this project involved friction piles. The pile length that had to be realized was 22,3 m. The piling process was very heavy as there was earthenware clay present that hinders the tubes. During the piling activities, we had to adjust to the changing free working heights. In the side wings, only segment lengths of a maximum of 3 m could be driven. Early July, the final steel tubular pile has been applied. Subsequently, the tubes have been burnt off at height, equipped with reinforcement baskets and filled with concrete. Early June, the production process of the drilled piles with mortar has started outside the church behind the Damgebouw’s monumental front, side and back façade.

Facts & Numbers project 92002

Project Conversion Oosterkerk and Damgebouw Dokkum
Location: Oostersingel / De Dam corner Dokkum
Client: Dijkstra Ontwikkeling Bolsward
Design: Adema Architecten Dokkum
Contractor: Bouwgroep Dijkstra – Draaisma Dokkum
Constructor: Jansen Wesselink

Piling activities specifications

Steel tubular piles driven in the tube
Number of piles: 72
Segment length: 3 and 6 m
Pile length: 17 – 22 m
Diameter: 273 mm

CFA piles
Number of piles: 59
Pile length: around 14 – 19,5 m
Diameter: 350 mm