Foundations and floors - Vroom Funderingstechnieken

Foundations and floors

Vroom Funderingstechnieken (Vroom Foundations Technology) is a specialist in managing and completing projects involving pre-fab concrete products: foundation beams, lay-down areas, lift pits, hollow-core slab floors, retaining walls, ribbed slab floors, cellars, foundation blocks and base boards. The pre-fab concrete products are designed, produced and supplied by Vroom, and are KOMO-KIWA certified. Vroom also carries out conventional concrete work for foundation structures and foundation repair. When laying foundations for public utilities, Vroom also produces floor areas. Vibrated SD piles are inserted into the ground close together to create a 'nail bed'. To do this, we make a complete design in which these piles work together with the floor in the best way possible. This gives the floor a solid foundation.