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Vibro-SD piles

Vibro-SD (silent driven and small diameters) piles can be used underneath floors in business premises and under piled embankments. The combination of pile and floor can lead to cost-effective design. Use of vibro-SD piles can allow a very high production rate.

In terms of price and logistics, vibro-SD piles are a useful addition to the traditional pile systems that are formed in the ground. The foundation piles can be made with a rapid turnaround. An auxiliary tube is inserted to the appropriate depth with a vibrator. Taking into account the required high production speeds, piles with small diameters and lengths are preferred.

Features of vibro SD-piles 

  • The pile head can be cast up to the working level and finished to the required height at the working level. 
  • The pile length can immediately be adapted to the nature of the ground. 
  • High production speed: many piles can be made in a single day. 
  • Suitable for centric compressive loads with greater diameters and less suited to eccentric loads. 
  • It is a low-noise, low-vibration system. 
  • The system displaces soil, so no soil comes to the surface. 
  • The pile system and the bearing capacity factors are in accordance with Eurocode 7 (NEN 6743 cast in-situ pile, removed by vibration).

For floor areas in business premises, a clever pile layout ensures an even distribution of the force to which the floor is subjected.

Other pile systems are available for larger diameters and pile lengths, or 'structural’ piles for business premises. For floor areas in business premises, a clever pile layout ensures an even distribution of the force to which the floor is subjected.


  • Vibro-SD piles are suitable for use where the ground is variable in nature, because the pile length can be adjusted on-site in certain circumstances. 
  • The vibro-SD pile production process is fully automated. 
  • For floor areas, the designer may opt for a dense pile layout in combination with a thin flooring with relatively little reinforcement. 
  • Vroom Funderingstechnieken can provide both the vibro-SD piles for the floor areas and the structural piles for a main bearing structure. 
  • Vibro-SD piles can also be used in piled embankments for foundations supporting roads and other areas. 
  • We can build foundations for roads that are not liable to subside and perform the preparatory groundwork. 
  • The vibro-SD piles can, in certain situations, also be used in constructions. Please bear in mind the fact that there are limits to the amount of reinforcement. 

Quality control

Vroom Funderingstechnieken produces vibro-SD piles using a proprietary process devised as part of internal quality control and in line with nationally-applicable standards. Vibro-SD piles made by Vroom Funderingstechnieken may, optionally, be acoustically audited and assessed by an independent firm of engineering consultants. Our own quality-control procedure allows us to respond properly to any doubts on the quality of the piles, or to customer requirements relating to implementation.

Allow us to advise you

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Technical specifications

Concrete grade

C20/25, C25/30 and C30/37.


B500B grade.

Fitted as standard for centric loads with a reinforcing bar in the pile head, which has a diameter of 16 mm and a length of 1.5 m.

Alternatively, for eccentric loads, a short reinforcement cage can be used, which is inserted after construction.

Additional or alternative reinforcement depends on the load to be borne.

Bearing capacity

The bearing capacity in terms of soil mechanics as per Eurocode 7 (NEN 6743) gives the following parameters:

Pile base coefficient

αp = 0.70
β = for standard SD piles with sealing disc

Bearing pile shaft friction

αs = 0.012 (tube removed by vibration)

Additional specifications when calculating the load-bearing capacity of the pile not applicable.

Load/deformation behaviour

As per Eurocode 7 (type 1 NEN 6743: figure A 34-18 and A 34-19)

Load spectrum

Depending on the diameter and the nature of the ground up to max. 600 kN pressure (calculation value).

Pile driver

Machine weight when ready for production approx. 80 t.

Hammer-type vibrator

Continuously regulated.

Vibro-SD tube data

Available pile diameters 180, 220 and 273 mm.

Pile lengths

Max. 26 m, depending on the diameter.


Production process Vibro-SD piles  

  1. The steel pipe feeder with separate cover plate is positioned at ground level.
  2. The pipe feeder is inserted with vibration, using a high-frequency hammer-type vibrator in combination with the pull-down of the pile driver. During installation the concrete is pumped into the tube.
  3. Once the required level has been reached, the concrete is inserted into the pipe feeder until it registers the required pressure.
  4. The tube is then filled up with concrete and pressurised, so that a start can be made on withdrawing the tube.
  5. The tube is withdrawn automatically by vibration at a pre-set pressure. While it is being withdrawn, wet concrete is added continuously, under pressure. The pile diameter is managed in an automated production process that co-ordinates speed of withdrawal, concrete pressure and concrete volume.
  6. The pile driver is then moved, the pile head finished and, where necessary, pile head reinforcement is applied.

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