Ten piles in a row - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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October 09, 2014

Ten piles in a row

At first sight it looks unusual: ten piles with 2 m sticking out of the ground. Driven exactly at one line and at the correct height. These piles meant for a garden wall will be used as the supporting construction element.
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Normally speaking, the piles’ ends are at ground level and concrete construction is poured on top of them. However, in this case, the piles directly function as the supporting construction element for this garden wall for the Groenen Linten plan in Haarlem.

Until the very last detail

As the materials for the garden wall had to be mounted directly to the piles, they first had to be driven very accurately at one line and at the correct height.


To succeed, the dimensioning process was very accurate and during the insertion process, there was a continuous check to see of the piles were inserted in the right direction. Final result: a free pile row in a straight line.

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