First pile-driving - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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June 23, 2010

First pile-driving

Driving the first pile is still a special ritual. Whenever Vroom Foundation Technology’s Old Dutch Tripod Rig is deployed, it certainly adds to the party atmosphere.

Decorating piles with garlands and making a lot of noise while driving the first pile is still in use. The same applied for driving the first pile that was prominently carried through the neighborhood. A first pile is usually one of the many, but it is the first official one.

Old Dutch Tripod Rig

Until the last century, for driving timber piles, the so-called Dutch rig was used allowing people to pull the ropes in order to lift up the piling hammer between the guide rails, subsequently have it fall down on the pile head from a certain height. In some cases, the piling hammer was so heavy that it required 16 people to drive the pile. There have been situations where 60 people were pulling the ropes of the rig. The heavy work was combined with singing piling songs.

First pile

For this special occasion, Vroom Foundation Technology rents out a smaller version of the authentic tripod rig. Renting the Old Dutch Tripod Rig includes transportation, set-up and take-down. VIPs like to pull the ropes and drive a timber pile into the ground the Old Dutch way. Driving the first pile happens under the supervision of Vroom Foundation Technology’s staff members. The Old Dutch Tripod Rig is equipped with a so-called timber test pile that is partly driven into the ground using the piling hammer. At the end of the ceremony, this timber pile is taken out again.

Driving first piles without problems

Vroom Foundation Technology’s Old Dutch Tripod Rig offers advantages.

- Can be deployed fast everywhere, also outside the building excavation.

- Can, after mutual agreement, be booked for every day and hour.

- The real work can be continued without hindrance.

- The Old Dutch Tripod Rig is spectacular and authentic.

- And just like in the old days, there will be singing.

- Multiple VIPs work together.

- The tripod rig can be set up on every dry site.

- Everybody can do it, it is impossible to hit any wrong buttons.

- The tripod rig makes a beautiful speech background.

- This action yields nice action photos that have a high publicity value.

These days, fireworks are no longer allowed, but there are sufficient alternatives in order to make the final slam more entertaining and to end the ritual with a small explosion, a confetti shooter or a champagne bottle squirting balloons.