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June 01, 2017

Strong displacing drilling brands

In order to meet with the increasing requests for the application of low-sound and low-vibration vibration techniques, Vroom Foundation Technology will realize the well-known displacing HEK pile in addition to the popular DPA pile. In order to minimize damage to adjacent buildings and to limit noise pollution for the environment, displacing pile systems are being recommended more often. With the addition of the HEK pile to our collection we offer our clients a complete package.

The HEK pile

The HEK pile is a cast-in-situ, fully displacing drilled pile that can be realized in various ways: with grout injection or as a combined drilled tubular pile. For this system, we use a polished steel drilling tube that has been equipped with a separate drilling point. Depending on the soil condition, pile lengths of more than 40 m can be realized. The system comes with a high bearing capacity. For more technical specifications, click here.

The DPA pile

The DPA pile displaces the soil with a special shaped drilling point. Also for the DPA pile, we use a steel tube that we drill in-depth, followed by the application of concrete and reinforcement baskets. The system is often used as an alternative for non-displacing drilled piles. For more technical specifications, click here. With these pile systems, we offer two strong brand names in the field of drilling with a low sound or low vibration level. Both systems can be applied on polluted soil and come with a good price/quality ratio. For more information or a quote for your project, send an e-mail or dial (+31)(0)299 409 500.