First vacation home in Ouddorp - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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July 07, 2016

First vacation home in Ouddorp

In Ouddorp, the first elements for the stage 4 and 5 vacation homes have been mounted. We will take care of the foundation of a total number of 83 vacation homes situated alongside the Ouddorp beach. The mini piles have already been inserted.

The job will be carried out under the authority of Appel Beton Opmeer. Ballast Nedam is the main contractor.


Our task includes dimensioning and inserting approximately 1,000 mini piles (measuring around 2,5 m), mounting prefab foundation beams and prefab hollow-core slabs on ground-floor level.

83 parcels

Ever villa will be built on its own parcel. The park will be realized in a dune, created with several levels applied on the site.

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