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April 04, 2016

380kV station in Doetinchem-Wesel

In May of 2016, we will start the application process of the Dutch part of the new 380kV station from Doetinchem to Wesel (Germany). For the Dutch part, Vroom will apply foundation piles for the 54 masts.

Per location, two masts will be placed for which we will apply 12 vibro piles per mast. In between each location is an average of 350 until 400 m so therefore, the rigs have to be transported continuously. We will use 2 foundation rigs for a total number of 1,400 vibro piles.

How does it work?

The new Doetinchem-Wesel 380kV station will be built using a new mast type: Wintrack. This mast comes with two pillar-shaped piles and its great advantage is that the wires can be hung into the mast so that the mast will look more serene. In addition, the magnetic field inside the masts with a single 380kV station and inside masts with a combination of 380 kV and 150kV is smaller than inside the current stations.

The masts measure an average height of 58 until 72m. The exact height and how far apart they are from each other also depends on the environment. Masts on the riverside must usually be higher allowing ships to pass the station safely.

Transport network

The transport network is required in order to transport electricity from the stations to the areas where it is being used. For this process, power is used. The 220kV and 380kV stations form the main transport network. These stations serve as shortcuts for power transport.

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