First pile Stationskwartier Kampen - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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May 30, 2014

First pile Stationskwartier Kampen

With the old Dutch tripod rig, the first pile was applied festively and traditionally in collaboration with Roosdom Tijhuis. The future residents moved the ram by pulling the ropes in turn.

Stationskwartier will soon be nice to live, work and spend free time in. For old and young, near all facilities. For all audiences, homes are being realized especially for starters, the elderly and small households. The homes will be built and developed by Roosdom Tijhuis and Bouwfonds Ontwikkeling. Through the subscription form on this website you can already register. The city will offer a few private parcels.

With the development of this new neighbourhood, Kampen will have another hotspot. On the edge of the centre, near the NS train station, the neighbourhood will function as the new city entrance.