Prefab machine foundation - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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September 19, 2013

Prefab machine foundation

During the construction industry holiday, Vroom was approached for a particular foundation project in Hasselt that did not require any foundation piles. Without the usual preparation time, the engineering, manufacturing and mounting processes of four foundation beams supporting a large printing press could be started.

SR International, our client, imports and installs machines for several purposes. This project dealt with the creation of sufficient capacity under a printing press. This machine which was imported from Germany weighed 80 tons and had to be installed in a factory hall in Hasselt.

Vroom Foundation Technology managed to finish the engineering, production and mounting processes in 4 weeks which, because of the holiday period and the foundation project type, may be called a clever achievement.

In order to create sufficient capacity for the printing press on the existing floor areas, Vroom designed and calculated the space for foundation beams. Under the press are four foundation beams that are 26 m long, 600 mm wide and 300 meters high. The foundation beams were delivered by Vroom and meticulously mounted on the spot by Vroom until the very last mm.

The printing press’s high load made it necessary that the foundation beams be fully supported by the floor. In order to guarantee that, both foundation beams have been mounted in a so-called grouting mortar. As a result, any possible hollow spaces in the floor area have been filled up completely. Another goal was that for maintenance, the machine needed to be fully accessible from the bottom side. This is possible thanks to the low opening in the foundation beams and for optimal access, these openings have been chamfered.

The foundation beams had to be mounted in an existing factory which meant that the working space required for the mounting activities was very limited. Using forklifts, both foundation beams have been meticulously put into their place until the very last mm. In the second week of September, the printing press was installed and from now, luxury leaflets can be printed.