VW Caddies for VFT Carlease - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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July 17, 2013

VW Caddies for VFT Carlease

In conjunction with SternPartners, Heron Auto delivered seven red Volkswagen Caddies to the (lease) cooperation VFT Carlease owned by Vroom Foundation Technology Inc.

On the photo, from left to right: Jeroen van Schaik (SternPartners), Jerry Mast (Vroom Foundation Technology), Jac Mooij and Guido Derksen (Heron Auto).

Jerry Mast, Vroom Foundation Technology: “Our vehicles are our benchmark. Heron Auto gave us the best recommendations, and offered the most attractive financial offer combined with the lowest maintenance costs.”

Along with SternPartners, VFT Carlease takes care of the managerial and active aspects regarding Vroom’s vehicles, and Jerry Mast is very satisfied about this new approach.

Jac Mooij, Sales Advisor Volkswagen Bedrijfswagens for Heron Auto, adds: “With these brand-new and economical Volkswagen Caddies, staff members of Vroom Foundation Technology drive comfortably, cleaner and more efficient from one project to the other. We wish them a lot of pleasant rides.”

Vroom Foundation Technology

Vroom Foundation Technology is one of the leading companies in the field of foundation in The Netherlands. Founded in 1962, the family business operates nationally and has her head office in Oosthuizen and a branch office in Wijchen. Vroom Foundation Technology has made a name internationally as well and has already realized projects in Belgium, Germany and Poland. Since (year), Vroom Foundation Technology also works in Morocco.

Heron Auto

Heron Auto is part of the Stern Groep, a professional automotive organization. With other Stern companies, Heron Auto can offer more services in the field of automobility. For example cheap replacing transportation, financing, leasing and repair. In the automotive branch, Heron Auto has developed its own mobility concept in North Holland. Core aspects for success include a very broad service package, and the ability to transform clients’ wishes to market solutions. Heron Auto greatly values personal relations with her clients.


For companies with a large car fleet, SternPartners founds a lease company owned by the client, allowing the client to coordinate everything as the management is taken care of by a professional party. This is how Vroom Foundation Technology and VFT Carlease take advantage of the leasing concept only paying the costs while having more authority than in the event of working with a regular (external) lease company. This offers more transparency, and yields optimal flexibility for Vroom. It results into a mutual interest in the field of mobility instead of gaining a profit for the vehicles. With this concept, SternPartners offers the most unique and lucrative lease form in The Netherlands.