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April 09, 2015

Prestigious hospital assignment

The Centre Hospitalier Chrétien (CHC) is having a brand-new hospital built in Glain near Liège. Vroom International Piling will realize the capacity for this prestigious project. The hospital will measure around 95,000 m² and include 760 beds, 150 day clinic rooms, an emergency service and 16 operating rooms.
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Source: A. Baré Design, Architect Société Momentanée AAH, CHC- Centre Hospitalier Chrétien asbl, Bureau Greisch

The hospital will be founded on displacing vibro piles. The execution process to be started mid-July of 2015 will be carried out with four rigs working simultaneously realizing cast-in-situ piles. We will carry out the activities under the authority of a building company group consisting of CIT Blaton, BAM Galère, BPG Liège and GM.

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