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April 14, 2015

Big sequel to construction Da Vinci homes

After having built the first 12 Da Vinci homes in Blaricum, we are preparing the construction of 49 homes in De Bongerd in Amsterdam. Vroom is Hurks’ chain partner for the Da Vinci homes. Our role in this concept is to apply the foundation piles, prefab foundation beams and shed floors. Kick-off has been scheduled for May of 2015.
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Source: / Theo van Leur Amersfoort

De Bongerd is located in the western part of Amsterdam-Noord in the Zijkanaal I curve adjacent to the Waterland and Het Twiske nature reserves and the NDSM site. De Bongerd consists of four neighbourhoods with homes built in the thirties’ style matching the typical village concept. Yet all four of them have their own personality.

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