CFA piles for Icopower - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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April 02, 2015

CFA piles for Icopower

Icova in Amsterdam is expanding and getting an ‘Icopower installation system’. We are applying CFA piles for this purpose on which the installation system will be founded. The piles will be realized within the concrete asphalt slots. On the site, specific safety measures apply and the executing team has received instructions before entering. For safety purposes, workwear has been adjusted.
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With an Icopower installation system, waste (particularly waste from business, facility services and governmental organizations and similar industrial waste) will be reprocessed. Through mechanical separation of high-calorie fractions from wasted power, a (secondary) accurately specified power source will be produced. The Icopower® energy pellet can be deployed in order to replace primary (particularly fossile) fuels such as coal.

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