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March 24, 2015

Piling activities for fertilizer plant completed

On April 2, the final pile for the construction of Vlaeynatie’s new terminal in Autrichehaven near Westdorpen in Zeeuws Vlaanderen will be inserted. The project has been carried out by two teams applying foundation piles with a total length of over 25 km in order to realize capacity for the giant depot.

Vlaeynatie will build a depot with a total surface measuring 32,000 m2 within 9 months. Primarily, the company will carry out packing, storing and transferring activities for fertilizer plant SQM and its subsidiary company Plantacote.

Production process

Plantacote will produce premium as well as standard-checked fertilizers at Axelse Vlakte. In addition, fertilizers produced by SQM will be transferred from different production locations to the Vlaeynatie terminal.

Next stage

The new branch office will be completed early 2016 with the next stage scheduled for 2017. In addition to SQM and Plantacote products, Vlaeynatie will also carry out storing and transferring activities for other parties. At the branch office of the two companies in Westdorpe, a total of around 50 jobs will be available.

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