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March 13, 2013

Private commissioners

Home owners are getting more and more outspoken and more skillful in their roles as private commissioners whenever it concerns foundation repair. According to Vroom Foundation Technology, this is a result of the current economic circumstances that force people to be self-reliant.

Whenever a private commissioner is confronted with foundation repair, he/she will soon discover that he/she is not the only one in The Netherlands having to contend with these problems. The Stichting Platform Funderingen Nederland stands up for the interests of a great amount of private home owners who, often through no fault of their own, are duped by damage to wooden pile foundations. Vroom Foundation Technology supports this corporation and can, along with her subsidiary company P. van t’Wout, offer and apply fitting options for each problem.

Sample project

For a project in Volendam, the existing foundation was stabilized. After driving 8 steel tubular piles, reinforcement baskets were applied and poured with the concrete. Subsequently, digging activities were carried out in order to get to the correct depth level underneath the existing foundation. From that level, a new floor was poured underneath the existing foundation beams. As the existing foundation beams’ bottoms were not entirely level, the hollow spaces between the floor and the foundation beams were filled with non-shrink grout after the concrete floor was poured. The poured concrete floor gives the existing home, combined with the driven segment piles, sufficient bearing capacity for the upcoming 100 years.

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