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December 15, 2014

380kV expansion Beverwijk station

Vroom Foundation Technology has received a request for the realization of the expansion of a TenneT station in Beverwijk. From February 2015, over 600 heavy prefab piles and 185 steel tubular piles will be driven. Completion has been scheduled for late 2016.
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With the Randstad 380 kV project, the Ministerie van Economische Zaken and TenneT will provide for the stage-wise application of a necessary high-voltage connection in the Randstad area, divided between Zuidring (Wateringen-Bleiswijk) that has already been realized and Noordring (Beverwijk-Bleiswijk).

Ready for the future

The new connections are of importance in order to guarantee the delivery in the Randstad area, also in the future, and to enhance the transport capacity. The Vijfhuizen transformer station is part of the new connection transforming the electricity level from 380 kV to 150 kV for the purpose of regional distribution. It’s also necessary to guarantee the electricity network’s stability.

Beverwijk station

This is the reason why in Beverwijk, a new 380 kV high-voltage station will be built. The two transformer stations Vijfhuizen and Beverwijk have to be completed before the connection Beverwijk-Bleiswijk can be used.

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