Veilig Funderen - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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July 27, 2012

Veilig Funderen

The booklet Veilig Funderen (Founding Safely), published by NVAF, makes a practical reference in order to handle the professional risks in a responsible manner.

Despite the numerous efforts done by the entire construction branch in order to prevent accidents, this branch is still full of risks. That also applies to the foundation branch that often undertakes activities in an early stage of the construction process.

NVAF initiative

The reference booklet Veilig Funderen is an initiative taken by branch organization NVAF, and Vroom Foundation Technology Inc. has played an important role in its realization.

The reference booklet gives a clear insight in the numerous VGM aspects and risks within the foundation branch aiming at further prevention of (near) accidents, incidents and (environmental) damage.

The reference booklet is basically a practical and safety-related elaboration of the Arbo catalogue Funderingen which can be consulted on the website. Click here if you wish to open this website.

Target audiences

The reference booklet Veilig Funderen has a clear lay-out allowing several target audiences to use it as a learning tool, required reading or reference source. In terms of importance, the NVAF outlines three important target audiences:

Primary target audiences

Those are the staff members and third parties that are involved in the activities (such as staff members of subcontractors, trainees, self-employed professionals, temporary workers) in the foundation branch.

Secondary target audiences

Those are board members, VGM coordinators and prevention workers

Tertiary target audiences

Those are clients, contractors, constructors and architects.

Ordering through NVAF

The NVAF advertises the booklet in several branch magazines. NVAF-registered companies pay € 10 per copy excluding 6% VAT. The remaining target audiences can order the booklet for € 15. Click on this link to place an online order.