Eekerpolder wind farm - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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December 10, 2019

Eekerpolder wind farm

We are laying the foundations for 15 wind turbines for our client, H4A Windengergie B.V. We have made a start by installing vibrated piles, and in 2020 we will also be installing DPA-PLUS screw piles. Philip Goetheer (managing director of H4A Windenergie B.V.) sent us a number of photos, which it gives us pleasure to share.
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Source: H4A Windenergie B.V.
Philip Goetheer (directeur bij H4A Windenergie B.V.)

The envisaged N33 Wind Farm will have 35 wind turbines generating between 3 and 5 MW. There are 27 wind turbines in the northern section, 4 in the middle section and 4 in the southern section.

Philip Goetheer (managing director of H4A Windenergie B.V.)

Natural gas piping

The wind turbines in the middle and southern sections each form a row of 4 wind turbines, while those in the northern section form a grid of 5 x 5 wind turbines in an arrangement that is as regular as possible (with a space in the middle), plus a row of three wind turbines. This arrangement was conceived because there are underground natural gas pipelines; for safety reasons, no turbines may be built on top of them.