Welcome to our new colleagues - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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October 17, 2019

Welcome to our new colleagues

In the Netherlands there are more than forty thousand males aged 30 and over with refugee status. They are no longer able to apply for financial aid for study and may not follow a subsidised course of study. This makes it difficult for them to find a job. High time, then, to give people with refugee status the chance of a future in the foundation industry!
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On Wednesday 16 October, Eveline Wagenaar director of Stichting de Nieuwe Buren, the 'New Neighbours’ foundation, held a kick-off meeting. For over two years, Eveline has been busy getting this project off the ground, and not without success! Five people with refugee status have since made a start on a practical training course at Trainingscentrum Crescendo in Hoorn. If they pass the training course and obtain the VCA certificate they will come to work for Vroom Funderingstechnieken and some other companies in the industry, Gebr. Van 't Hek and Funderingstechnieken De Coogh.

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In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) our company is not alone in having a responsibility to be actively involved in terms of social and civic life. Together with Stichting de Nieuwe Buren and Trainingscentrum Crescendo we are happy that we can play an active role in this respect. We hope that more companies in the foundation industry will join us in this endeavour so that, together, we can offer those with refugee status the foundations on which to build a new life.

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