Load testing in Alblasserdam - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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September 17, 2019

Load testing in Alblasserdam

We have been doing load testing at the former Nedstaal site in Alblasserdam on vibrated piles that were made last month. Because there is a 6-metre thick layer of rubble comprising metal and asphalt on the site we had to use the chisel to clear the rubble and any earlier piles before inserting the individual piles. Cone penetration testing on this site is very complicated, as a result of which a test load reading for the piles is helpful to improve the design of the structure.
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Measuring tubes were inserted with the piles as well, covering the entire pile length. The measuring tubes contained several displacement sensors. Readings for load and displacement are also taken on the pile head. Ultimately, the piles were loaded to a maximum of 240t. A considerable weight for a pile measuring 356 mm, as can be seen on the photo.


The result is that the elastic contraction of the pile, the absorption of the load borne by the pile shaft in the various strata of soil and the resistance of the pile tip could all be measured with great accuracy. Test loading can take between 16 and 24 hours for each pile. So testing was carried out in shifts, for which we also used the expertise of Hektec.