LEAN from beginning to end - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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November 18, 2014

LEAN from beginning to end

Working according to the LEAN method is no stranger to us. What is exceptional is that we have used this method for the Weesp-based company hall Sun Test West Systems during the preparation and the engineering process.
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In the pre-stage, a number of parties has been selected in order to convert the design to drawings. In this process, elements such as details, personality and quality have been optimized and drawn up so that they can be worked with.

LEAN schedule

During the LEAN plan-making session, we have drafted the preparation and execution schedule along with the other partners. The focus was on workability, optimization and the completion date. As few parties as possible delivering a package as extensive as possible.

LEAN engineering

The engineering session makes sure that all parties receive all necessary information and papers within one day in order to carry out the engineering process. At the end of the session, all questions had been answered so that the processes could be started simultaneously resulting into a shorter engineering period.

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