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July 11, 2019

Foundations with pre-cast elements

Today we installed the first pile for a project of 64 owner-occupied properties, forming stage 3A Village Centre in Hoef en Haag. This stage follows on from stages 2A and B Village Centre, which are currently under construction. Those stages of the project envisage 119 owner-occupied properties, plus 39 social-housing dwellings for the LEKSTEDEwonen housing authority. All built in the traditional Dutch style.
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In November the next stage, for another 27 dwellings as part of the same project will begin. We are working on this project on behalf of BAM Wonen. Once the foundations for the first 20 dwellings have been driven into the ground, Vroom Betonbouw will deliver and install the pre-cast foundation elements. Yet another great foundation total package made up of pre-cast elements.

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