Wind turbines, Swifterbant - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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June 11, 2019

Wind turbines, Swifterbant

This time we haven't taken to the air ourselves with the Vroom drone: we received this picture from the owner of the land. This great picture, prominently showing our biggest pile driver could almost be a picture postcard. We are installing the foundations for no less than seven wind turbines. The weight that the foundations need to absorb requires more than 200 vibrated piles.
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In the middle of all these Windplan Blauw mega-wind turbines seven other, smaller, wind turbines are being built between Dronten and Swifterbant on the Overijsselse Tocht (parallel to the Elandweg). The turbines in the 'Samen voor de Wind’ wind farm will have an axis height of 'just’ 69 metres.


The row of seven small-scale wind turbines is outside Windplan Blauw as the local authority of Dronten issued the permit back in 2014. Back then, a regional wind-power plan had not yet been drawn up by the local authorities and provinces, so Windplan Blauw had not yet been conceived.