Bridge to the future - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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May 13, 2019

Bridge to the future

A full programme for our training co-ordinator Daphne Stobbe and HR co-ordinator Jerry Mast: every day last week they took a group of pupils from SG De Triade, Edam to visit building sites.
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Demand for well-trained staff is growing in our sector, and may be even vital for a company to grow. How can we promote and encourage this growth? Youth is our bridge to the future, so we will have to encourage boys and girls in primary and secondary education to get interested in the sort of engineering and other work we do. That means investing in youth, as we did on this occasion during the project week at SG De Triade, in which the kids could visit various companies. The second years are at a turning point in their education: engineering and technology or another direction altogether? It gives us the opportunity to present ourselves as a potential work-experience placement or employer.

A concerted effort

“To encourage potential talent it's really important that students have the opportunity to come into contact with practical elements of the industry at an early stage. Then they find out how much fun, and how interesting the construction industry is. The industry together with schools and companies with training facilities need to make a concerted effort,” believes Jerry Mast.
“Getting young people enthusiastic about a future in construction and infrastructure was the collective aim. We want to give them an impression of the careers and options open to them. It will have been a success even if just a few of them latch on to this and stay interested.”

The real thing

Daphne and Jerry held a presentation at school, and subsequently took groups of students to see 'the real thing’ at our projects in Amsterdam and Rozenburg. The explanation of what the process of installing foundations actually means, hands-on experience, and the size and scale of the plant and machinery clearly made an impression! We are curious as to whether or not we were able to get them keen enough. Hopefully, that will become apparent during the evaluation of these practical experience days, which we will hold with staff at SG De Triade.